Nokia Sports Tracker 1.42

25 април 2007 § Вашият коментар

нямам идея какви са промените, няма я дори на официалният сайт. телефона провери за нова версия и я изтегли. датата на файла е 20.04.2007.


nokia sports tracker v1.42


появи се официалния changelog, програмата вече я има и в сайта.

1) Measurement unit can be changed from settings: Options->Settings->Measurement Unit. Available unit conversions are Metric(km,km/h), Imperial (mi,mph) and Nautical (nm,kn).

2) Exported Google Earth compatible KML files can now be sent directly to user’s computer using a wireless connection, such as Bluetooth or Infrared. Open the exercise to be exported from Training Diary, select Options->Save Workout->Export to Google Earth: Send result file->’Create file and send’.

3) Simple filter is added to filter out erroneous GPS locations. Filter can be turned on and off from settings menu: Options->Settings->General: GPS filtering.

4) Added a separate installation file for S60 3.1 devices (N95, E90, 6110 Navigator).


Вашият коментар

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