SUPER v2007.bld.22 (March 14, 2007)

19 март 2007 § Вашият коментар

добри новини. ето и промените:

[ADD] Multiple files drag & drop
[ADD] ‘Direct Stream Copy’ feature
[ADD] H.264/AVC video codec to the 3gp/3g2 profile
[ADD] AAC audio codec used/muxed with AVI files
[ADD] 11025, 12000 KHz to mp3 and 16000, 32000 KHz to mp2/mp3 audio codec
[ADD] 1280:544 widescreen videoscale to PS3 profile
[ADD] 480:272 widescreen videoscale to PSP profile
[ADD] 320:180 widescreen videoscale to Zune profile
[ADD] 128:96 and 170:144 low resolution videoscale to MP4/MOV[H.264|MPEG-4|DivX|XviD]
[ADD] Option to select spaces/underScores in output file name
[ADD] Option prompting renaming of VOB file
[ADD] Play Images (bmp, dib, fax, jpg, png, rle, tif, wmf) through Win2K/XP Microsoft(R) resources
[FIX] Enhanced support for HDTV .TS & .M2T files
[FIX] Lot of other enhancement and bugfixes


Вашият коментар

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