Nokia Podcasting 1.00.2

28 ноември 2006 § Вашият коментар

новината е от блога на Nokia Podcasting. списъкът с промените е този:

Minor updates include:

1. Default Download Limit `% Setting changed from 25% to 75%
2. Fixed ability to search within active Directories.

Oh? You didn’t know you could do that? Try this:
a. Open a directory in DIRECTORIES (The folder will change color to Yellow when active)
b. If there is a folder within that directory, click to activate it.
c. Choose OPTIONS>SEARCH and type in a key word or title.
d. The Search will look within the active directories.
e. A temporary folder will appear in DIRECTORIES with the search results. This will be cleared when you exit Nokia Podcasting.

This is helpful for finding content in many subfolders of the DIRECTORIES>PODCAST DISCOVERY folder. Or if you add your own favourite OPML directory and want to only search within that rather than a wider search. (Helpful also for international directories when wanting to search in local languages.)

3. Fixed problem with installing newer version of Podcasting over an older version. (See Updating Nokia Podcasting: FAQ for more information)

NOTE: We have noticed that the automatic updating feature still needs some work before its perfect.

If you are automatically updating many large files at the same time, sometimes not all of the episodes will update. (You will see a red „!“ by the shows not updated.)

To fix this, you can either manually update the shows which failed, or if your device is plugged in- try changing the default Download settings to update every hour (staring at a specified time) instead of just once a day. This should pick up any failed updates.

Nokia Podcasting 1.00.2


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